Umphreak Parents Podcast

NYE run 2018 Re-Cap

Episode Summary

A re-cap of the Umphrey's Mcgee NYE run 2018 at the Tabernacle in Atlanta Georgia Email: Twitter: @Umphreakparents Facebook: Umphreak Parents Website: UM Anon 2018 year in review survey: Episode 32: Episode 4: Levene Photographers: My interview with Dave Levene: Episode 16: Tara Gracer Photography: Adam Johnson: Set lists for the shows: December 28th- December 29th- VIP Set: December 29th- December 30th- December 31st- Where you can listen to the shows: December 28th: UMlive:,20039/Umphreys-McGee-mp3-flac-download-12-28-2018-The-Tabernacle-Atlanta-GA.html December 29th VIP set: UMlive:,21056/Umphreys-McGee-mp3-flac-download-12-29-2018-Tabernacle-Atlanta-GA.html December 29th show: Umlive:,21056/Umphreys-McGee-mp3-flac-download-12-29-2018-Tabernacle-Atlanta-GA.html December 30th: Umlive:,20041/Umphreys-McGee-mp3-flac-download-12-30-2018-The-Tabernacle-Atlanta-GA.html December 31st: Umlive:,20042/Umphreys-McGee-mp3-flac-download-12-31-2018-The-Tabernacle-Atlanta-GA.html Tauking Mcgee show: Slacker video from 12/30: It's about that time video from 12/31: The Tabernacle PT 1: PT 2: PT 3: Brendan and Jake Misunderstanding by Genesis: Jake + Joel Holidaze Green Room- Misunderstanding: Inside out podcast with Rob + Seth- NYE recap: Reel to Real documentary: